Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Jio Bigg Boss?

    Jio Bigg Boss is an exciting concept where you can (i) predict the contestant nominations & eliminations; (ii) choose your favourite contestants; (iii) share your opinions on various polls, after the telecast of the Bigg Boss show on Colors TV Network; and (iv) play the Jio Bigg Boss Quiz during the break time of the Bigg Boss show., starting 26th September 2018. The application will display polls and votes after the telecast of the Bigg Boss show on Colors TV Network.
  • How do I play Jio Bigg Boss?

    Players should download the latest version of MyJio app (available for Android on Play Store / for iOS on App Store for free). Once installed, click on MyJio and click on ‘Jio Bigg Boss’ banner to start playing the game. Non-Jio players will have to confirm the OTP they will receive on their mobile before proceeding. OTP is generated as soon as you submit your details. In case it is not received, please check the number you have entered and click the ‘Re-send’ button. You may carry on the above mentioned process and be ready for the game much prior to the start time so that you have enough time to get acquainted with the format and enjoy the game.
  • What should I do if I am not able to access the Jio Bigg Boss?

    If you are unable to access the game in the MyJio App, please follow the below steps:

    • Check whether you have data connectivity. It is possible that you might not be able to access the App because of poor data connectivity.
    • Update the latest version of the MyJio App from the Play Store / App Store.
    • Force close the MyJio App in your device.
    • Clear Cache / cookies from Settings -> Apps -> MyJio
    • Open MyJio App once again.
  • Can anyone play the game?

    Only a person who is (i) 18 years or above on the date of registration;(ii) an Indian citizen; and (iii) is of sound mind & health, are permitted to participate.
  • I am not a Jio customer, can I still play Jio Bigg Boss?

    Yes, you can play so long as you download MyJio app and register on the Jio Bigg Boss game. Non-Jio customers will have to confirm their number by entering the OTP received on their mobiles before proceeding to play the game.
  • How much time will I get to answer the question?

    As a player you will get the following time to answer the questions basis the type of question played in the Jio Bigg Boss game:

    Questions Live on My Jio Timer for an answer in Jio Big Boss
    Polls Daily 10pm 24 hours (10pm to 9pm)
    Vote : Nomination Sunday 11pm 22 hours (Sun 11pm to Mon 9pm)
    Vote : Elimination Tuesday 10pm 35 hours (Tue 10pm to Fri 9pm)
    My Favourites Sunday 11pm 46 hours(Sun 11pm to Tue 9pm)
    Quiz Time Everyday As mentioned on the screen
  • Which score will be referred to for computation of points?

    The scores maintained by the official scorekeeper of the Match will be considered as final. Your points will be calculated on this basis.
  • How are you calculating my points?

    Points are computed as follows:

    Interactivity Type

    Player Action


    Points Per Interaction


    Points on correct prediction



    Any Poll for any duration


    Not Applicable




    Nomination Voting

    Any Vote during the voting time


    Post Episode


    Any other voting



    Post Vote Closing


    Elimination Voting



    Post Results





    Top 3 selection






    Team Wins Task


    Entered Safe Zone


    Nominated for Elimination











    Any quiz during quiz time


    For every correct answer


    However, please note the computation of your points done by us is final and binding.
  • Would my points be only for a single episode?

    Well, that’s where we are different. Your points are accumulated throughout the season. You can keep playing with all the contestants during this season of Bigg Boss.
  • My points are not getting updated / there is an error in the points that I can see. How do I resolve this?

    Thank you for playing Jio Bigg Boss game. You earn points on the basis of the correct answers that you give for each question. After each correct answer, the points get added to your account and will be visible on the top right hand corner while playing the game. The points are mapped to your mobile number. In case you are playing with a different mobile number, the point accumulation will start afresh.
  • I am not a Jio Customer; will I get the same points as a Jio customer?

    Yes, you will get the same points.
  • I have the same points as someone else, but my name is not on the Leaderboard. Does that have any implication?

    The Leaderboard only displays the top 50 names randomly, amongst all the players with the highest points. Please note that this does not affect the winner determination process.
  • If I change my phone number, can I continue to play the game?

    Your phone number is your identity in the MyJio app. Using a different phone number would mean you are a new participant to the Game. So, to maximise your points, stick to one phone number! And don’t play with another person's phone number.
  • Are there any prizes?

    Not yet, but if there are, we will inform you through notifications!
  • How do I give you feedback about the Jio Bigg Boss?

    That’s really sweet of you!! Please email us at
  • Can I tell my friends that I am playing Jio Bigg Boss?

    Absolutely!! We would be thrilled if you do that. You can select 'Share' icon and let your friends on Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp know that you are enjoying playing Jio Bigg Boss.